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À Propos De Nous

About Us

BéBéLéLo Inc..'s A family business that opened its first store in 2008. Going shopping at the store located on Boulevard des Laurentides Laval, you will not only live one of the greatest experiences of your life sales, but you will speak directly with the founders and BéBéLéLo family. Indeed, hardworking employees in the store all belong to the same family. In addition, the trend is to offer you a personalized service tailored to your needs.

Our Trademark

What distinguishes BéBéLéLo its competitors is that it offers exclusive products in Canada with respect to furniture and cribs. It not only has the power to buy and sell their products at low warehouse prices, but we are distributors of furniture, bedding, strollers and baby accessories. For what is furniture, a large part of BéBéLéLo revenue comes from furniture that are made in Quebec (Canada). Thus, BéBéLéLo actively work to improve the economy of Quebec (Canada) by offering its customers quality products and at the lowest market price.

From another point of view, BéBéLéLo distinguishes itself from its competitors by specializing in bedding 8 pieces of superior quality. Since the beddings are made in Quebec (Canada), BéBéBéLo is still participating in the economy here. BéBéLéLo is the manufacturer of it's bedding line and bedding grounds of its own.

Lowest Price Guaranteed

BéBéLéLo advocates a policy of guaranteed lowest prices in its stores. So, if you find the same product cheaper elsewhere, BéBéLéLo gives you the same price with a discount of 10% of the difference, and until 30 days after the date of purchase. This policy is intended to allow you to buy your product today, while having the security that will not lower prices in the coming weeks from the date of your purchase. Thus, you get extra time to always buy your products as cheaply as possible, and for a period of 30 days.